Vision Plus is the renowned service provider of network designs. We provide the complete networking solution to our end clients. We can design and implement LAN, WAN and CAMPUS networking.

Network Design & Implementation

Network Designing and Implementation

Network Designing and Implementation


Vision Plus is the renowned service provider of network designs. We offer a variety of preliminary designs as well as introduce you to the benefits of this product range. We are well-known dealers and suppliers striving in this business to earn your entire trust by providing outstanding results. We also provide a list of required equipment and software for each design option. This list helps our valuable customers in choosing the perfect design to meet their requirement. Our teams of specialists configure a prototype mock-network after the receiving of equipment, software, and services. The company also drafts a network specification document after the approval of mock network.


We, the reputed office solutions provider, offer excellent network building services as per the network specification. We provide all the equipment and supporting parts at the desired location, and unpack in the close proximity of its final destination. All the computers and equipment are configured according to the customer’s specifications, along with proper access control system to the shared resources. The company doesn’t take the responsibility for all data transfer from each computer to the server to ensure complete protection of your data and maintain privacy.

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Structured Cabling

We are the complete office solution service provider. The structured cabling provided by us is governed by the set of standards. Structured cabling is the best solution for providing comfort, convenience, and security to any networking problem. The structured cabling makes the Internet faster as compared to other cabling systems. We provide data, fiber optic, outdoor above ground fiber and underground cabling solutions


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