We are the prominent supplier of Grand Stream IP based PBXs.

IpPBX-IP Based Phones-Vision Plus Technologies

IpPBX-IP Based Phones-Vision Plus Technologies

We offer a full portfolio of IpPBX in order to offer the ideal device for every need and every user. Whether you need basic, mid-range, high-end, video or cordless phones, we have what you need. We even offer a free soft-phone app, Grandstream Wave. All of our IP phones are compatible with any third party SIP service or devices. Pair our IP phones with our UCM series of IPPBXs to get even more from your Grandstream IP phones.

We offer a wide range of IP phones in order to offer the ideal model for any setting.

  • Our Basic IP phones offer simple, easy-to-use IP phones
  • Our Mid-Range IP Phones offer mid-range capacity with a high-end design
  • Our High-End IP Phones are designed for users who are often on the phone
  • Our IP Video Phones for Android offer a powerful voice, video and web portal
  • Our DECT Cordless IP phones allow anyone to mobilize their VoIP solution
  • Our Grandstream Wave soft-phone app allows you to access any SIP accounts on any mobile device

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